Meet The Farmer DVD - 2008-3 JABA goes Local

Meet The Farmer DVD -  2008-3 JABA goes Local
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  • Item #: MTF-DVD-2008-12-23
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Meet The Farmer TV 2008-3 JABA Goes local Check out this weeks episode: 2008-12-23 "A Look At Local Food With JABA" in Charlottesville. Meet The Farmer TV: Food from the Farm to the Plate can be seen every week at every Tuesday at 6PM EST. for more info go to and Buy local! Author: MeetTheFarmerTV Keywords: Local-Food Sustainable-agriculture sustainable-cooking Jeff-Achterhoff frank-melli michael-clark ben-knopp Meet-The-Farmer-TV Blue-Light-Grill Charlottesville slow-food local-food best-restaurant Added: December 4, 2008 see for more information.