A Custom Holiday Wreath

A Custom Holiday Wreath

Beautiful handmade on the farm from our evergreens from christmas tree pruning and fresh rosemary with fresh bay laurel stems and pussywillow berries and more

  • Price: $45.00

Microgreens: Color Mix Special Sale!

Multicolor Microgreens Mix: Darkest Opal Basil, Tatsoi, Amaranth, Red Mustard, Arugula, Celery, Cilantro, Sunflower, Wheat berries, our special Micro Mix blend, Collards, Kohlrabi, Red Cabbage, Red Basil, Green Basil, Mizuna...just ask!

Fresh, tender, crisp multicolored microgreen mix; fantastic as a quick garnish, around a plate, or on displays. Full of flavor and nutrition: gourmet and fine dining mainstay. You can design your own blend! See full description; clamshell with pad.

  • Price: $13.99

All Wee Wee'd Up! - Stimulus Sauce

"All Wee Wee'd Up!" - Stimulus Sauce

Hot Sauce produced on the Farm

  • Price: $16.99

Red Fire Jelly

Red Fire Jelly

Red Fire Jelly made fresh on the farm from our hot peppers

  • Price: $10.99