Famous Sorrel Pesto

Planet Earth Diversified Famous Flavor Fresh Sorrel Pesto is great in a pantry that likes rice and fish, is also great slathered over a hen.
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Unique Sorrel pesto! Our favorite thing to do with Sorrel Pesto is to stuff it into Salmon, glaze the fish and top with some glazed peppers or a crunchy spiced nut. For some fun, it is nice as a dollop in rice, adding flavor and color. Try our International winner in France: Virginia grown, hand tended Sorrel...always a nice tart and crisp flavor...try scissored into an apple salad. Then you could blend the pesto into a dressing by simply adding to yogurt (Stoneyfield if not homemade), to which may be tossed a few Rose Geranium leaves for infusion while the salad is cut...doesn't' take long, so be careful, or enjoy the lingering richness in another infusion...enjoy!


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